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Dynomet Aps is a Danish firm located on the Island of Zealand 65 kilometers from Copenhagen in the village of Store Merløse.

The firm, Dynomet, was founded in the beginning of 1994, on the basis of the innovation of a portable dynamometer. The firm is managed by Jesper Ankersen, who fostered the idea of the dynamometer and developed both the hardware and the software needed for the product.

The product has been introduced to most European markets as well as some overseas ones. It has also been presented to most major manufacturers of commercial vehicles and is recognized as a very useful piece of equipment.

In the past 10 years we have sold/upgraded over 1000 units.(2008)

jba @ Dynomet.dk

Br Jesper

Dynomet Aps
Mølleskovvej 112
4370 Store Merløse