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Dynomet Roller Dynamometer for cars

The Dynomet Roller Dynamometer works on the same principle as the Dynomet 4.11
Instead of accelerating/decelerating the weight (the mass) of the vehicle you accelerate/decelerate the rotation mass of the rollers.
The software is the same as being used for the Dynomet 4.11 but adjusted to rollers

The Dynomet Roller Dynamometer facilitates a fast and accurate power test done in the workshop.

The result is shown as two graphs showing the hp (or kW) against rpm and Nm against rpm. Displayed on the monitor or printed out in black/ white or in color.

Our latest model has very large rollers allowing better contact between tyres and rollers, and thanks to the very large dimensions of the unit it is possible to accommodate small trucks.

An electric retarder can be added to test engines under load, which is necessary for fault finding procedures. Because of the large roller dimensions the flywheel is not necessary, and there is therefore now nothing protruding above floor level. It is possible to build in a retarder in the middle of the unit, which is prepared for this addition. If necessary, it is therefore possible to split up the investment in two.

In the software you can set a fixed speed / Rpm and measure the power for that speed

Connected rollers to prevent wheelslip

Close mounted rollers to prevent wheelslip

Knurled surface to reduce slip and noise!


4x4 Dyno
Roller length 650 mm
Diameter 392 mm
Axle distance 2195 - 3220mm
Rotation mass 850Kg X 2
Total weight 3000-5000 kg
Max speed 300-360 Km/t
1 or 2 eddy brakes option
Connected rollers option

Plates for covering the rollers are included to give you a free workshop floor when the roller set is not in use.

Building the 4x4

4x4 Final test with Audi S3

4x4 Rollerset Aårhus Tech (Denmark)

4x4 Mounted in technical school in Island

Both rollerset connected, then you wont have problem with EPS

El 4x4